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Here you find our terms of service, refund policy, and privacy policy.

Terms of Service

DataTron Networking Solutions provides network storage space and transfer services over the world-wide-web aka Internet to access the rented web server;

Customer finalizes order to utilize DataTron Networking Solutions server for their own purposes;

In a case that we receive a complaint for the specified customer and/or IP address associated with the customers account, we will suspend the service immedietely and the client will have time after they are aware to backup any files. After customer copies/backups files we will terminate the service completely and a refund will not be granted. After termination, the purchasing of an additional server with different web hosting or VPS plan using a different IP address is allowed.

Content we don't allow: Porn of any sort, weapons or drug store, phishing, projects that intend to harm citizens of United States of America, EXE distribution.

Privacy Policy

We collect the following types of information in order to provide the customer with the services they ordered and to login to our client portal.

Personal Information
  • We do not verify information with customer when registering with first name, last name, and address. If customers would like to stay completely anonymous, we respect that.

    When registering with DataTron Networking Solutions we ask for our clients to register using verifable email. This ensure customers will receive service and suspension emails, change password, etc.

Cookings and Tracking
  • Internet browsers have a built-in storage facility for storing small text files called cookies. These files hold information which allow a website to recognize accounts. We use cookies to save your site preferences and login information for the present and next visit.


All refunds are added to customer account via 'credit' and no refund will be issued via cryptocurrency, PayPal, or bank account.

Violations of any of DataTron Networking Solutions policies including, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will lead to termination of service without refund.