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USA Offshore Hosting

Unlimited Traffic



Hard Disk Drive

Yearly @ $6/mo (25% off)
All Layers of DDoS Protection
Yearly @ $12/mo (25% off)
All Layers of DDoS Protection
Yearly @ $18/mo (25% off)
All Layers of DDoS Protection
Disk Space 40GB 90GB 200GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 1 3 5
Email Quota 1024MB 2048MB Unlimited
1Gbps Shared
Free SSL
All Layers of DDoS Protection
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel

Our guaranteed service

All virtual private servers come with full root access, a console, DDoS protection, and are setup instantly.


All web hosting plans come loaded with latest cPanel patches, Softaculous, Cloudlinux, Ioncube Loader, and more.

Control Panel


All of our VPS's come loaded with Virtualizor panel, with over 50 features to keep your server managed.

Shared Network

Our network speed for all shared hosting plans are 1Gbps shared. Our network will keep you online 24/7.

Instant Setup

All services are instantly setup after 2 payment confirmations. We accept numerous types of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and much more.

DDoS Protection

In order to generate business and keep our customers happy we need to protect clients from network attacks. We offer 7 Layers of DDoS protection with our filter mitigation system.


All clients are protected and thus all information is always protected and will always be undisclosed, whatever happens on our servers, stays on our servers, undisclosed to the public.

USA Shared Web Hosting FAQs

What content is not allowed on our USA shared hosting?
  • Spamming and any illegal content is not allowed on our USA servers. Any reports may result in suspension or termination.

What is the network speed of our USA shared hosting?
  • USA shared hosting plans are 1GBps shared. USA servers are blazing fast.

What is the setup time after payment?
  • After a few payment confirmations your server will be setup instantly.

Are we signing any contracts with you?
  • We do not ask you to sign any contracts with us. You can stay completely anonymous.